About Feris Tergo

Feris Tergo is a BDSM & Tattooproject with 18+content!
We started this project to connect our passions and to overcome limits, ours and the ones of the people we are working with. We work with people who like what we do and who want to be part of this special experience, we do not script any of the scenes we show but it’s important to us to speak about everything that’s going to happen with all people who are part of the project, choosen photographer and videographer included, so no one experiences something they don’t want to be part of. Feris Tergo is something very personal and we never liked the idea of making money with the footage, so every video or photo we take will be shown on our website and Vimeo for free. Beside that we want to give you the possibility to book private sessions with the two of us (Miss Sophia & 3Kreuze) in the future.The information about the session will be communicated privately, so just send us an Email if you’re seriously interested. Contact only via Email: feristergo@gmail.com